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Geological and Archaeological Sites of Insubria
Thematic and touristic routes

Canton Ticino, Provinces of Como, Lecco, Novara, Varese and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola

The Insubria region is a land of lakes and mountains which extends up to the Po Valley. It is an area which encompasses a great natural, historical and cultural heritage and contains sites and landscapes of unique beauty. Project SITINET has chosen to outline a system of planned courses oriented towards the use and enjoyment of geological and archaeological sites, as well as the landscape intimately connected to them, through the use of an integrated and sustainable approach. This web site is being developed as part of the ongoing project and is addressed to lovers of nature and to all those who wish to deepen the relationships between the environment, humanity and history: a network of paths and activities at various levels of difficulty, satisfying for the family, schools, hikers, and even the most demanding sports person.

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